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Sakura, a Japanese word, means cherry blossom. Sakura trees blossom gracefully only for two weeks in each year and they express the perfection within the course of life. No matter how brief they blossom, they can create a time independent beautiful and aesthetical image in minds.


For us, cherry blossoms defines the fast moving course of our short lives and persistency of the ideological effect created by the form in return.


Sakura Architecture was establishes by Architect Sema Yazıcı whom had worked as the architect and executive in projects that become prominent in residence, restaurant and retails industries.

She has been providing service integrated with a team of experts that experienced all details of architectural disciple.


As Sakura Architecture that brings 15-year-long private industry experience and boutique service together, our main goal is to put our signature under timeless designs and executions that leave mark upon both architecture and interior architecture and serve aesthetic and functionality at the same time.

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